Sunday 29th January. Trail # 2507. Dingaling is your hare with Turnpike as the support act. Meet at Bernwood Forest Parking, HP18 9UR for an 11.00 off.

Watch out for vehicle height restriction at entrance.



Right on schedule, as the weather turns warm and balmy, the hashers turn barmy. Charcoal at the ready, shorts ”de rigeur” for the correct atmosphere, flip flops if you have them.

Yes, we are back at BH3s favourite haunt, Bernwood Forest. It’s the only place I know with two postcodes, HP18 9UR and OX33 1BJ. Technicolour, I suggest you try both on your satnav!

After last weeks epic where Turnpike and Dingaling thought they would both get “haring” credit, the adjudication panel stepped in and decided that, on merit, there should only be one hare. So this week, away you go Dingaling and leave your better half in the kitchen making soup as you always do. (I’m dead, really dead now!)

Excitement though, as we test out all the paths in Bernwood that are available to us; maybe even a bit of shiggy? It’s such a great area for false trails that even the experienced ones amongst us can go wrong; always good for a laugh.

I need say no more. We have hot food awaiting us from a well proven team; we have drinks and down downs also there for your delight. It’s so iconic I’d be surprised if Richard Ayoade didn’t turn up.

The only thing to be sure of though is for all of you to turn up and enjoy yourselves in the true warmth of all of your friends.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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