Reined On says she isn’t using flour, just follow the scent of her Fisherman’s Friends to find the trail! However, Preacher has other idea’s….

I can’t believe that its not even March yet but the hares are already taking us up hills; yes, hills!! No such thing as a gentle flat dry trail anymore, hey ho.

Preacher last laid a trail from here in 2017. I remember it well as it was one of my earliest trails as a hasher. Silver Fox was there in his Porsche and I remember it clearly as I parked my “gaffer tape special”next to him; how embarrassing!

But it won’t be embarrassing for the hares as they lead us skillfuly through unknown trails, the better to confuse us. 

“Where’s the flour?” You may ask! The answer is simple.

Come along to the Stags Head and find out with all of your friends;  – and have a decent pint of ale.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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