We have all had a great time in Norfolk
Lets not forget this important moment of our year.

Sunday, 13th November at the White Lion, Fritwell Rd, Bicester OX27 7NZ. Meet prior to 11.00 PLEASE, with your poppies and allow the hash time to show our respect. THERE WILL BE A COLLECTION BOX.

After which your hare, Reined On, will entertain us with trail #2496.

This time there will be no mud, shiggy, tree roots etc isn’t that right Reined On (Julie Hodges)? Titfer can safely join us without enduring the slings and harrowings of outrageous misfortune and the ambulance service can rest easy for once.!

But you all know you will want to get together post hash to brag/commiserate/tell stories of this and last weeks trail over a good beer with your friends. There is a new landlord at the pub just waiting to share his beer with you.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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