Sunday 23rd January, Trail # 2454, Black Prince, 2 Manor Rd, Woodstock OX20 1XJ. Meet for an 11.00 start. Bollard is the hare.

With Sir Bollard “rising to the occasion (!)”, we are to be treated with a trail around the noble grounds and town of Woodstock. 

The Black Prince is a great pub on the edge of town and is the gateway to a multitude of trail possibilities; trouble is they are all “UP”. But I am sure Bollard will ease the pain of the pack by offering many checks where the out of breath stragglers can do a bit of catching up.

I am by no means giving the game away by saying we will have an interesting morning of flour, falsies and effing good beer as Bollard puts us all though our paces. He was out there last week together with Dingaling doing the trail with our southern cousins from Oxford so be warned Clippety/Dogloss if you fancy yourselves as FRBs.

And a warning. Dingaling was penalised on last weeks trail for urinating mid trail on the four; Sir Bollard is the only peer we have this week.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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