Yes, it’s Summer Barbecue time for Bicester Hashers.

Sunday 4th February.  Trail # 2560.  Bernwood Forest, Oakley Road, Boarstall, Aylesbury OX33 1 BJ. AS EVER, PLEASE BE AWARE OF HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS AT THE ENTRY TO THE WOODS. The off is at 11.00 and we welcome back Turnpike Brian Lewis as your hare.

I need say no more; Turnpike is the master of the mire as I’m sure we will find out on Sunday.

The banquet is sorted for all shapes and sizes- vegan, veggie, gf, and even carnivores. Bengal Lancer is leading the charge for your delight and delectation with a selection of other liquids for the thirsty. 

All your friends will be there; what’s not to like? 


Thrifty Gaffer

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