Prophetic words from Sniffer:- “I will be laying the trail in the morning”. Looking at the weather forecast I don’t think he has any option! Thankfully the morning looks fine for laying the trail and for the water phobic hashers.

We’ve been here before. Hornton being the lowest lying village around, everything is “up” from the on-out but the on-inn will be interesting. I think this trail will have the full approval of Shitstix, remembering his sprint for the line last time.

Analysing the last few trails, and seeing Sniffer and Dormobile set out together then I can only assume there will be a plethora of short cuts for everybody to enjoy. Good benchmark to aim at! Sorry Bonnie, “Good benchmark at which to aim”.

But when you get back to that lovely pub and its absolutely great environment then even the most silent of hashers will want to sing the praises of the hash and all those involved. Great environment for everybody to sit and relax with their friends.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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