Our Hare Razor – Maraschino – has compiled the following list of hares for the weeks until Christmas.

PLEASE read it and PLEASE recognise everybody’s responsibility to contribute and make the hash a success.

In anticipation, please let me/Maraschino know the venue that has been chosen.


If the hare is unable to lay the trail on the allocated dates, it is their responsibility to do the following:-

1)Contact Maraschino and make home aware.
2)Find another hasher/hare to exchange with or to take over your slot.

It’s been said before, but worth saying again, that without commitment from hares then we have no trail and no hash.

NB. I will be contacting each individual hare directly so that they are fully aware such commitments.

We’ve had a good year up to now and the winter is looking great.


Thrifty Gaffer

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