Monday 2nd August Trail #2428. 7pm off.

Ovett – he of the sore leg – hadn’t decided where to have his trail for next week.

“hop to it” we said, without the slightest trace of irony, and he has.

Monday 2nd August, The Old Red Lion, Tetsworth. Meet for a 7 pm start.

The Old Red Lion,
40 High St,
Thame OX9 7AS

Interesting pub/shop combined serving the local community; serves XT beers so all is well. And it is at the epicentre of quite a few potential trails! And a great location opposite the village green.

History tells us that previous trails (long time in the past) were not without incident from the local farmers; lets see if any of our long standing hashers can regail us with stories after the circle.

Its an easy-to-get-to location, so no excuse for not having a great Bank Holiday hashing experience. This is Ovett’s second trail within two months and he deserves our support by giving him a great turnout.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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