Monday 23rd August. Trail # 2431. Dingaling and Bondage are your hares.

The Red Lion
42 Oxford Road
Old Marston

7 pm start!

Special opening for Bicester H3!

Dingaling and Bondage have used their special powers of persuasion which has resulted in the Red Lion, Old Marston, opening specially (on their night off) to welcome this band of happy hashers.

So, to Old Marston we will go. 

Be not afraid for behold I bring you tidings of a great pub in a lovely area. We will be treated to good beer from Messrs Greene King and good company from all around; we may even see the rare sight of the lesser spotted OH3 hasher.

The enjoyment will continue and we look forward to welcoming hashers old and new as we tread the hallowed pastures of North Oxford. Its easy to get to the pub, so no excuses.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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