Monday 20th September, Trail # 2435. Chez Beerstop, Chesterton, Lodge Farm, Chesterton, Oxfordshire OX26 1XA. The “off” is 7.00 pm.

Plumb(!) in the middle of farming countryside around Bicester where the landowners are flush with money – its not just a pipe dream…STOP NOW, enough attempts at plumbing jokes.

Its Beerstop’s Burpday and he has invited us all to join him for beerday celebrations at his place; but only after a trail. So, on on to his house from where we will venture forth to seek for flour.

Torches may be required so bring one just in case. But more importantly bring yourselves to have some evening fun with your favourite hash friends.

The picture below gives a clue to the entrance to the farm. Don’t be late – it may just dawn on you why I said that!

Nearing the end of our evening trails where we have had fantastic support from you all, not to mention the recent influx of virgins; its been a great success. THANKS from Mismanagement

What’s not to like?

Thrifty Gaffer

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