Sunday 10th October. Trail # 2438. The Greyhound Inn, 101 High St, Brackley NN13 7BW. Your hare is Gadget (Tunc Eresen) Meet for 11.00 am start.

Over the border with no need to self isolate. All travel restictions lifted!

Not far from Bicester we will be entering an area with lots of good trail possibilities, and our hare knows them all; and what better place to start and finish than the Greyhound. Its a great pub with great ales and a large area to accomodate happy hashers.

Its a hard act to follow after last week’s great setting at Brill but our hare will rise to the challenge. Sunday morning r*nning at its best, no torches and lots of flour (maybe?).

Great turnout last week on which we can build as we get used to the new timetable. Put down your Sunday papers and get out and about with your friends.

What’s not to like?

Thrifty Gaffer

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