Sunday 6th March, Trail #2460, The White Hart, Market Square, Buckingham MK18 1NL. Your hare is Daglocks and the “off” is 11.00 am.

The Bicester Branch of the Dogsled association, led by Daglocks and Buster – is convening in the centre of Buckingham. So, harness up and get yourselves over there. Clippety has already been practicing.

Venue good.

Parking not so good.

If you can’t get on the limited spaces of the market square, then go further down the high street to the Cornwalls Meadow parking behind Waitrose. It should be free on Sunday BUT PLEASE CHECK!

Well, thats the disclaimer out of the way, on to the main event.

Daring to tread on the home ground of Nutella (Hazel Acford) by coming to Buckingham, Daglocks has obviously got a cunning plan Stowed away in his brain designed to test the Capability for fun of all the hashers and make sure they are not Browned off; I’m sure we will have to Chackmore false trails than normal and there will be none of that shiggy, just lots of Ouse in which to wallow.

(You can vote me off Mismanagement at the AGM to stop this torture)

However, while I still have the chance, I encourage and exhort you all, walkers and r*nners alike, to join your friends on one of the few remaining Sunday trails before we switch to Mondays. Spring has sprung – at least the meteorological spring – and you should be full of joy; you will be after the trail as you mingle in the comfortable environment of the White Hart with your fellow hashers.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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