Check her pulse!

Apparently its a live hare.

Or perhaps check her sanity instead!

Monday 31st July, meet outside No 3, Skimmingdish Lane, Caversfield OX278UF. We have a 7pm sharp start while we hunt down the hare, Clippety Clogs. Trail #2533. And afterwards at the BURE FARM, BURE PARK, BICESTER, OX26 3HA

This could be expensive – for Clippety – not for the rest of us, all it needs is for just one of us to catch the hare; simples. C’mon you front runners, you know who you are! It’s a great opportunity for Dogloss to get a drink bought for him. Or perhaps it could be “Unrequited” as he gets his own back for last weeks naming.

Whatever, its a great prospect allowing us to follow trails normally just outside the limits of a decent run. So there you are.

PLEASE be considerate when you park, and particularly while waiting outside No 3; there is lots of parking on the road for everyone, see image.

So, saddle up for the ride of your life. Let go of the reins and just “feel the force” – no need to Luke for flour.

Apart from the terrible humour, what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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