The thought of a cherry being clenched between buttocks is slightly disturbing, don’t you think?

But there you have it.

Sunday 26th November, trail #2550. Meet at the Red Cow, The Green, Chesterton, OX26 1UU for an 11.00 start where Maraschino and Buttocks are your hares.

It’s a while since we’ve been here; seems to be a village where retired hashers go to live. It would be great if some came out of retirement to join us????

Nevertheless we’ll press on with the prospect of having a good time in an area where trails are in abundance. We can even go back into Bicester, though there isn’t a great divide anymore. 

Maraschino is on form as is Buttocks; both returning from a hard weekend on the Isle of Wight where there were hills – there’s none around this area. There’s plenty of flour left over from Maraschino’s birthday cake to lay the trail; those that know will be happy that Spa Hash are not involved.

Come down for a great day, see your friends and buy into the forthcoming Christmas Party as sold by Bondage; and once you’ve paid for that, think about the up and coming 50th Anniversary for BH3; its all happening.

There may be a few tired bones from a great weekend away (THANKS DORMIE) but you will feel revitalised once you are back amongst your fellow hashers.

What’s not to like?


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