But you are in for a surprise! (According to PP)

Sunday 30th October, Trail # 2494. The Shakespeare Pub, Bowmont Sq, Bicester OX26 2GJ. The off is 11.00 am and your hare is Pheasant Plucker (Karen Wells)

Yes, we are back at the Shakespeare, and Yes, Butt Plug (Les Wells) is still at the bar, but things are going to change. PP has cautiously promised me that she is searching for new alleyways and back passages for us to explore; lets hope all the bushes have been trimmed.

And for extra excitement, we would like the hash to support CBIT GLOWEEK which starts on 31st October. Please wear your brightest, fluorescent and hi viz outfits to reinforce the need for children to be seen and be safe during these dark nights.

There will be a photoshoot from Reined On that will be used on CBIT facebook page to support this worthwhile safety campaign.

PP and her colleagues are already playing their part so lets join in the fun.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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