So, Sunday 24th December, trail # 2554. Meet at :-
Ardley with Fewcott Village Hall, 
Ardley Playing Fields,
Ardley Road, Ardley with Fewcott,
OX27 7PA
For an 11.00 start, and then OnOn to Reined On’s house for foodie afters. It’s a joint big sis/little bro trail from messrs Reined On and Dormobile. You’d be a fool to miss it.

BTW PLEASE bring a bit of cash in your pockets to support the Child Brain Injury Trust which is Reined On’s chosen charity.

So, we can end the year with Dormobile’s hands firmly on the Prof Award for most trails as he starts the next years tally with a tick in the plus column. And he is hare next week on 31st December as well! We say “get a life” while quietly whispering “thanks DORMIE”.


So, we are all prepared for this trail; we even have the medics on standby as the terrain is quite slippy underfoot. But this area is familiar to us and is appropriate for a (nearly) end of year trail. 

Well we know where we’re going
But we don’t know where we’ve been

Philosophy was never my strongpoint, so I’ll cut short the rambling and wish one and all the VERY BEST CHRISTMAS in 2023.

OnOn to the end of year trail and 2024. (and food)

What’s not to like

Thrifty Gaffer and the MISMANAGEMENT TEAM.

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