And I think Pheasant Plucker ( Karen Wells ) has got the pub right?

Sunday 7th January, Trail # 2556. Meet at the Shakespeare, Bowmont Sq, Bicester, OX26 2GJ for an 11.00 start. PP is your hare for another hash/trash trail.

Having turned up at this venue for last weeks trail, I do hope that PP has remembered where to put the flour this week.  Allegedly this will not be a live trail, so we can expect to be treated to to an exciting series of falsies and alleyways to test our skills playing “hunt the flour”.

It’s our first trail of 2024, so come along and reinforce your resolve of doing better than you did last year. What can possibly go wrong?

Friends and hash family; its a well tried and tested formula.

What’s not to like?

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