Sunday 24th March, trail #2567. Meet at Vale Brewery, Tramway Business Park Ludgershall Road, Brill, HP18 9TY for an 11.00 “off”. Your mine hosts are Easily Led and Thrifty Gaffer.

12 months ago – more or less exactly – the pack from Bicester H3 were entertained by the professional personnel of the Brewery who opened up especially for us. Such a good time was had by all that a request came in to repeat the festivities so here we are.

This year there are two hares to lead astray the unwary and so perhaps Dingaling will not know where he is going this time? 🤔😂

But as you might expect the trail – are you paying attention Shitstix? – will mainly be downhill; but of course that is only on the way out and the return journey may present some gradients for you all to enjoy. 🗻 And given the recent weather I would expect there to be some moisture on the ground. Flat and dry has therefore been been discontinued as a term of reference.

I’ve been told that the “afters” of last years trail were enjoyable; good beer 🍻 (that ticks the box for Home Alone) and some opportunities to purchase some carry out supplies; same again this year. Graham and one other will be behind the bar, but thanks go out to Joe Brouder who has arranged all this for us.

Its not quite Christmas, it just feels that way.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer 👣

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